High Speed Bolt Former
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HB Serials
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FKE procured new design of machine main structure. In year 2001, the 1st-generation high-speed former HB10B-3S shifted the transfer slide transmission to cutter side. By shortening transmission routes the machine reached 350ppm. In the following years, FKE carried out HB10B-3S real production to its maximum speed for 24 hours per day. Improvements including mechanism redesign, material selection, working process and heat treatment were achieved. In 2004 the 2nd HB bolt former shifted the clamper opening transmission to cutter side for higher rigidity. At the same time we also developed high tensile 14.99 socket cap screws used for major connections to resist speedy forging inertia. Furthermore in 2005, quick return design is implemented and made 415ppm on 3rd HB10B-3S come true. In 2007 all the designs are applied on large size former HB30B-4S. The success of HB whole series bolt former has declared the era of high speed forging.
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